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    Production process and application of polypropylene fiber


    Production process and application of polypropylene fib […]

    Production process and application of polypropylene fiber. Production technology of polypropylene. To operate polypropylene fiber in the spinning industry, melt spinning is required. The temperature of melt spinning is controlled at 220-280 ° C. The molecular mass is about 120,000. For textile high-strength and denier yarns, the relative molecular mass is generally about 200,000.
    During spinning, we preheat and soften granular polypropylene in the feed section of the screw extruder, melt, compress, mix, and defoam in the compression section, and then further melt in the metering section to establish melt pressure and melt The body is extruded, then filtered and homogenized to the head. The extruded polypropylene melt is metered by a metering pump and sent to the spinneret for spinning. The filaments ejected from the spinneret pass through a cooling sleeve, pass through an oil pan, and are finally wound on a spool Others are the same as polyester processing, but the stretching temperature is 80 ~ 130 ℃, and the stretching ratio is 4 ~ 8 times.
    Polypropylene filament production process:
    Screw extrusion-filter-spinning box-ring-blowing-oil winding-traction feeding Heat setting-tension heat setting-tension traction-packing

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