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    Chemical Fiber State App creates a one-stop trading circle and opens a new ecology for corporate marketing


    High circulation, high intelligence, and high technolog […]

    High circulation, high intelligence, and high technology are one of the main themes of the current textile industry development. The use of innovative models to create new formats of fibers, fabrics, and apparel has become an important means of opening up business transaction orders to achieve profit growth, and can keep up with the trend of the times. Companies that dare to embrace change are undoubtedly wise. But when countless false transaction information, "pseudo" technology services, and unpredicted market judgments flood the network, it is important to make the right judgments and choices.
    The choice of intelligent software directly affects the success of the enterprise change
    Chemical Fiber App——Professional one-stop trading service platform for textile and chemical fiber. Based on the advanced service concept, with precise positioning and a new perspective, under the increasingly urgent trend of industry innovation and development, it continuously injects fresh blood and realizes the enterprise itself. Marketing upgrades, product upgrades, and service upgrades have downloaded more than 20,000+ since its official release in August, and have been well received by industry professionals.

    The birth of APP links the products of Chemical Fiber State at the various end points of the polyester industry chain, realizing the onlineization of industry transactions, and entering a new era of enterprise operation and operation. The Internet and big data technologies are closely connected with manufacturing enterprises and demanding companies, so that demand data and information for purchases are quickly transmitted to suppliers, breaking the inherent barriers and traditional boundaries between the chemical fiber industry supply chain and various institutions, enterprises, and organizations. , Usher in a new pattern, new rules and a new starting point for the development of the industry.
    Sitting on rich supplier resources, diversified product categories, and professional operation customer service team; providing users with one-click ordering, live quotes, massive goods, supply and demand information, online payment and other functions, making each step simple and clear , Is committed to providing a broader transaction information platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve information, information, and price transparency.Keep up with user needs and seize new opportunities in the future
    As of November, Chemical Fiber App has accumulatively signed up with thousands of industry suppliers, launched more than 10,000 products, closely followed the market trend and supply requirements, and launched new functions and new products.
    Recently, with the rise of differentiated yarns and colored yarns, Chemical Fibers has set up a special group to collect and sort out hundreds of product colored yarns. According to the number and solid yarn, it is bound into chemical fiber color cards.

    This color card contains 5 major color series and 800 colors. At the same time, the birth of this color card breaks the traditional user's search mode for color silk, combines online and offline, and uses the scan function of the chemical fiber app to combine the chemical fiber color card. The QR code of each page can be scanned to display the stock quantity and price of the colored silk that the user wants on the App, matching the corresponding supplier. In order to help more bosses find the color silk corresponding to the purchase quickly and easily.
    For enterprises in different fields of the industry, Chemical Fiber App can improve its product quality and enrich App online activities based on different factory scales, inventory conditions, customer needs and other variables, and work with suppliers in various fields to formulate welfare activities to help new and old More sincere products purchased by users.
    A long way to go
    At the beginning of its establishment, Chemical Fiber State shouldered heavy responsibilities and vowed to change the problems of price opacity, information occlusion, information lag, and intelligent production in the textile and chemical fiber industry, and to break the industry's deep-rooted traditional concepts. At the moment of rapid development, the chemical fiber state incarnation catalyst is an orderly shuttle among SMEs, helping companies to keep pace with the development of the times and motivating the industry to move forward.
    In the future, Chemical Fiber State will work with industry partners to increase the research and development and promotion of industry applications to improve the quality and efficiency of the industry; continue to listen to user feedback and continuously improve the product experience; help the sustainable development of new technologies in the industry and continuously empower the industry's industrial chain Downstream.

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