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    What material is the "gold and silver wire" used in the textile industry?


    The material of "gold and silver wire" is mainly alumin […]

    The material of "gold and silver wire" is mainly aluminum and paint bai with the required color.
       Gold and silver du silk: It is to cut the colored PET polyester film into very fine silk by physical method. The surface layer is plated with a layer of aluminum or silver by electroplating of polyester film or nylon film, and then processed into filaments of different widths according to textile needs. After adding gold and silver threads to various textiles, the textiles can have reflective, flashing, fluorescent, luminous and other color effects, which increase the aesthetics of clothing and greatly meet the needs of consumers. Because the dao surface coating of gold and silver wire has unstable chemical properties, it cannot be acid and alkali resistant like ordinary fibers.China Wholesale Polyester POY Yarns suppliers


      Main application: Knitted fabrics, plain woven fabrics, sweaters, embroidery, ribbons, shoes, socks, handicrafts, Christmas ornaments, hair accessories, laces, trademarks, scarves, gloves, elastic bands, fancy twisted yarns, denim fabrics, etc.

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